Tok's really big Boo boo

Here's what happens when the "let's squish mom on the couch game" results in one jump off too many. In this case it was a nasty spiral facture of the bone in Tok's paw. It is comparable to our pinky on the left hand. The spiral shows really clearly on the Xray (actually it looks better on this photo than in the actual x-ray). My vet knows I post stuff to my websites so they made this photo for me. On Friday we got Tok in a splint, which was tricky due to Tok's huge paws. The following Monday he went to the orthopedic vet to have a cast put on. Tok forgets he'll be 10 in November (2006) and is a very bouncy dog. We opted to be a bit conservative in treatment to try and avoid surgery. He was re-xray'd at the 5 week mark to see if the bone has started healing on its own. If not we were looking at surgery for the poor guy. Keeping him quiet was a real challenge. We ended up having him on acepromazine to keep him calm & quiet. No matter which way things go he's in this cast for most of the winter. No sledding or Santa duty. Poor guy............... (note: his bone healed completely without needing surgery. He got his cast off on Dec 24th. What a nice Christmas present for him!)

Mom! What the heck is on Tok's leg?

He did adjust to the weight of the cast pretty quickly.

His fashionable footwear.
Thank goodness for duct tape and contractor garbage bags.