Tok found a new career in 2008,
visiting kids at their schools!

It's amazing what one person can put into motion. That 1st email inviting Tok and I to Newhall Middle School set into motion the realization of a dream of mine. Getting Tok out visiting schools that have programs targeting "at risk" kids. We've been to TEAM21 schools and we did programs at 2 elementary schools in Grand Rapids. Tok's fan club grew larger with each visit and I was thrilled to share him with the kids. Click on the respective photo to learn more about that visit.

Newhall Middle School Jan 16, 2008

Rogers Lane Elementary School March 4, 2008

Jackson Park Middle School March 12, 2008

Brookside Elementary School March 20, 2008

Harrison Elementary School
May 13, 2008

Newhall Middle School May 15, 2008

On February 4th 2009, Tok officially retired from visiting schools and doing PR events for my rescue. His health issues were slowly progressing and I decided it was time to just let him lay around and enjoy being a couch potato. Click on this picture to see his "retirement party" at Newhall Middle School.