Tok meets the special TEAM21 kids at Rogers Lane
Elementary School

On March 4 2008, Tok got to visit more kids in the TEAM21 program, this time visiting Rogers Lane Elementary School. The crowd was a lot larger than the Newhall Middle School visit, (nearly 50 kids grades K-5) so he was a pretty busy boy. All the kids were led in by a team leader and once they were all settled (at least as settled as a large group of kids can be) Tok & I went to work. We shared the differences with the "husky" breeds and I showed Tok in his harnesses. We answered lots of great questions (my favorite: How big are his accidents in the house? My response: Depends on how much was in him!) and then it was time for all the kids to have the opportunity to pet Tok. It felt like we were in a receiving line! After everyone got the chance to pet Tok, all the kids were gathered together so I could get a group picture of Tok's new friends. (Kids.....what hams...). We had a wonderful time and Tok and I barely got home before we were sound asleep. If only that much energy could be packaged somehow..........enjoy the pictures!