Tok met the TEAM21 kids at Jackson Park Middle School

On March 12th Tok got to visit more kids in the TEAM21 program, this time visiting Jackson Park Middle School. The crowd was smaller this time (I think Tok is still recovering from Rogers Lane Elementary!). Many of the kids that normally attend this program were home with family members who would soon be deploying to Iraq. As the wife of a Desert Storm vet, I prayed for the safety and quick return of these military personnel (and all of the others currently deployed).

The smaller group made for a nice long Q&A session and a less formal format. One of the kids was having a really bad day and Tok being the sensitive guy he is, picked out the child pretty quickly and tried to cheer her up. Thanks to the adult team leaders for being my "camera/video assistants" and for inviting Tok & I to their school. It is such a pleasure meeting the kids and the adults. I've gotten to meet a few parents of the kids when they would come to pick up their children, which was fun too especially when the child was telling their mom/dad what they learned.