Spring Break at Studio 28

The PR director was so amazed at how well behaved Makuyi & Tok were that she asked if we could come back one day during spring break. The theater had different events each day during spring break and I was happy to come back out. This time Kim and her daughter Coleen came along to help. It wasn't as crazy as the 8 Below opening but we all kept very busy.

Kim, Coleen, Makuyi,
Scooby Do and Tok

The little baby liked petting Makuyi. Makuyi is checking for any snacks the baby may have dropped.

The baby got a nice Malamute kiss...

Here Makuyi is flirting with Griff, the mascot for the Grand Rapids Griffins hockey team.

Makuyi & Tok check out the mascot for The Old Country Buffet. I think they were looking for a food sample!

And you think I have
big feet??????

Tok was ready to go home