Tok did such a great job at Brookside Elementary that he was invitied to visit another elementary school in the GPRS district that also took part in the Schools of Hope program. On May 13th we arrived for our visit with 3 1st grade classes. That was quite a crowd! This visit Tok had a Clifford the Big Red Dog book read to him and a mother of one of the students read to Tok in Spanish. I had no idea I had a bilingual Malamute! After Tok was read to, the kids lined up to pet Tok and got a special magnet with Tok's picture on it. What started out as petting turned into all of the kids giving Tok great big hugs. He loved the attention and it was fun to watch these little ones interact with a dog that weighed more than most of the them. I explained to the kids that if they have pets at home they could read to them too. I could tell that never crossed their minds before as I could see little lights in their eyes as this idea was new to them. My thanks to Misti Stanton for making the scheduling arrangements with the teachers so we could have this fun time with the kids.