Grand Rapids Press interview

When I learned of the opening release date for the Disney movie "8 Below" (Feb 17th 2006) I contacted our local theater to see if I could bring Tok & Makuyi and set up a booth for my rescue (Golden Years AMR). The PR manager was all for it. I had also contacted our local paper to see if they would be interested in doing an article about our rescue, tied in with the movie. One of the dogs in the movie, Shadow, was played by two rescued Alaskan Malamutes and that made for a perfect way to tie everything together. The interview was set up for Feb 14th as well as a photographer to come out and get pictures of my dogs.

John Douglas was the movie critic for the paper and he happened to live very close by. He came out and we had a great chat. As you can see Makuyi wanted to be interviewed too!

A short time later Rex Larsen came out to get the pictures and the dogs were less than co-operative. After 25 minutes of taking pictures, Rex felt confident he got at least one or two good ones.

I couldn't understand why he asked me to wear a red shirt. I figured we'd have a nice small black and white photo buried in the entertainment section. Boy was I wrong! I also learned that Rex was the manager of the photo department. They sent two top people to do the story.

John Gonzales called (he's an editor) to clarify a couple of points before the article was published. I asked if he knew where we'd be in the paper and he said he'd get back to me. He didn't but on Thursday afternoon when I got my paper I discovered why. He wanted to surprise me and he most certainly did........there was a gorgeous photo of Makuyi & Tok (me in the background with the red shirt) covering 2/3 of the front page of the paper! It took me about a half hour to calm down. What a thrill to make the front page of the paper educating folks about not rushing out to buy a Malamute or Siberian Husky. They even included the part about Shadow being played by Malamutes! Wow....