Tok took part in another wonderful program for kids

Thanks to a former co-worker Tok branched out to the Grand Rapids Public Schools district to take part in a wonderful program called Schools of Hope. This program paired up adult volunteers with individual children to help the child with their reading skills. The ex-coworker told Misty Stanton (the co-ordinator) about Tok and I visiting the TEAM21 kids in the Wyoming school district. Misty loved what we were doing and invited us to make a special presentation to the Schools of Hope kids at Brookside Elementary School. Tok & I visited on March 20th and we had a wonderful time. In fact one of the students read a Dr Seuss book to Tok. Guess what the title was............The Foot Book....perfect choice given Tok's huge feet. Plans are already in the works for Tok to visit another school that also has this reading program. Reading is such an important skill and I was thrilled to be a part of that program.

He was such a ladies man.......

Tok showed his foot...perhaps he wanted to write his own foot book!