Opening night for the movie "8 Below"

See the page called "Grand Rapids Press interview" to understand more of how we ended up with so many folks at the theater. Thanks to that front page photo in the paper, several hundred people came by the rescue booth to meet the dogs and learn about Golden Years AMR. I sure was glad my neighbor was able to come out and help (Thanks again Kim!) because there was no time to even breathe! Parents wanted pictures of the dogs with their kids, people came out only to meet the dogs, and others were on their way in or out of the movie. Makuyi & Tok always make me proud when they do PR stuff. They are very patient with the kids (never know if they can score popcorn or a bit of hotdog). People came away with a better understanding of the breed and about rescue in general which is what I was striving for. dignified.....

Got popcorn??

Tok and his fan club

This is one of my favorite pictures from that night. The boys thought it was very cool to get their pictures taken (I think their mom took 10).